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Choosing your photographer in Spain

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Spain is such a wonderful place for your destination wedding. With so many locations to choose from you really are spoiled for choice! Today I want to help you choose your photographer in Spain.  It can be very daunting, especially if you don’t live in Spain. With thousands of photographers to choose from how do you decide? How do you know if they are the right photographer for you?

If you don’t live in Spain and are getting married in this beautiful part of the world, chances are you will be using a wedding planner to help organise and plan your day.  They are your first contact with your wedding photographer. Your wedding planner will be able to recommend a few different photographers for you to choose from. These photographers normally work regularly with your planner and therefore your first indication that they are good and will provide you with some beautiful images.

If you are not using a wedding planner or decide you don’t like the photographers you have been offered, then a little research is needed. Search for photographers in the area you wish to get married in. It is important your photographer knows the area well and even better still, knows the venue well.

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Top tips to choose your photographer in Spain

Whether you are choosing from a list provided by your wedding planner or finding your own photographer, make sure:

Your photographer knows the area well

A photographer who is familiar with the area and venue you are getting married in is very important.  They will be able to advise on locations for pre wedding photography sessions or post wedding photography sessions as well as guide you on the best places for your couple photographs.  Knowing where the sun sets and the best places to take advantage of the beautiful light we get here in Spain will save you a lot of time and help you get those photographs you always dreamt of.

Your photographer has worked in Spain before

As silly as this may sound, the Spanish summer climate is harsh. It’s hot, sometimes very windy and knowing how to keep you cool in 40 degrees Celsius is important. You don’t want to be running through fields early afternoon in your wedding dress. You won’t last long!

Your photographer in Spain speaks at least English and Spanish

You want to be able to communicate well with your photographer and your photographer needs to be able to communicate well with your family and friends.

You get on well with your photographer

This is so important! You are going to spend all day with them. Do you have the same sense of humour? Find out more personal details about them. Do you both like to travel, do you both like the same TV shows? How is this relevant to your photographs you ask? Well the better you connect and gel with them, the more comfortable you will feel in front of them and in front of the camera. If you and your partner are relaxed in front of the camera you will get far more natural images and you will love your photographs even more! Find out a little more about me here!

Chat in person with your photographer

If you can meet in person and chat with your photographer over a coffee great if not Zoom will do nicely. But do chat with them. You will get a good sense of how experienced at weddings in Spain they are.

Find out what extras they offer

Do you want an album? Does your photographer offer albums? How much will extra time cost you? Do you want your pre-wedding party photographed too. What about doing post wedding photography sessions? Your wedding experience in Spain isn’t just the wedding day.

View full wedding galleries

Ask your photographer for full wedding galleries. Don’t just go by the best 10 photographs of every wedding they have posted on social media or on their website. You risk getting only 10 great photographs of your own wedding.

The most important point – DO YOU LIKE THEIR PHOTOGRAPHS?

Don’t choose a photographer just because someone else told you to choose them or because they fall into your budget. Don’t choose them if you are not completely happy with their style. We all have our style of photography and editing weddings so make sure the photographer you choose photographs weddings in the style you like and edits in the style you like.

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