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Some of the best wedding venues in Malaga

With so many great wedding venues in Malaga to choose from It can be difficult to decide on your perfect venue. Here is a list of some of the best wedding venues in Malaga to help you choose your perfect venue.

Villa Wedding Venues

Finca Villa Palma

Dinner area at Finca Villa Palma

Finca Villa Palma is a stunning villa style venue set on the edge of the mountains in Ojen, Marbella, giving great views of the coast and sea views. Only five minutes away from Marbella centre and yet very private and tranquil. Why have I called it villa style? Well you can’t stay here, you need to book alternative accommodation but with Marbella centre so close you really don’t have to travel far from a hotel where you will be getting ready to your venue.

Drinks at Finca Villa Palma

This luxury venue boasts garden space! It has some long beautiful gardens and an outdoor area designed just for wedding ceremonies where you can get married under the shade of a beautiful big tree. Shade is important for a summer wedding in the south of Spain!

The pagoda under the tree can be decorated in so many ways or left as it is. It will be a stunning place for you to marry your partner.

The dinner area is right on the edge of the property so you and your guests can enjoy the views. With water features and bridges this villa has some lovely places for your couple photos. The sun sets over the mountains and can disappear quickly so getting the timing right for your photos is important.

Once dusk arrives the twinkle lights go on making the place look even more magical ready for your first dance!

This wedding venue is perfect for your rustic outdoor wedding.

Finca Amalur

Finca Amalur

Finca Amalur is located on the edge of the centre of Marbella. This luxury venue is a great venue for your destination outdoor wedding. With a beautifully designed garden and sea views your guests will be in awe of the venue. This is also a Villa style wedding as you can’t stay at the venue and need to get ready at an alternative location but being in Marbella you are not far from many high end hotels and villas to rent.

With a huge indoor dinning space you will be able to organise a big party here! Run by Alabardero catering you will be in good hands and served exquisite food throughout the day!

Villa Bermeja

Villa Bermeja

Villa Bermeja is located in the valleys of Casares. This luxuary villa is a stunning place to have your wedding. With a beautiful house and large bridal suit you can stay here and get ready here too!

You can have your cocktails by the pool and your ceremony on the lawn next to the main house with your meal served further down the garden. It is a very peaceful and tranquil place surrounded by forest and wildlife

As a photographer I love this location as there are many places to take beautiful images, including the ruins of the original farm house. The sun sets over the mountains earlier than at sea level so something to bear in mind and make sure you photographer is aware of

If you are a wildlife lover you will love seeing all the eagles and vultures that frequent the valleys of Casares.

La Roca Rara

La Roca Rara dining area

La Roca Rara is a beautiful villa in Nerja. The ceremony area can be set up under this beautiful tree. Natural shade like this is always a good idea. It’s nicer than having big parasols up and most importantly you and your guests are out of the harsh sun!

What I love about La Roca Rara is their gardens and orchards full of different fruit trees and flowers. Your dinning area can be set up in the orchard and it’s a beautiful long table with the couple under a grape vine arch. The gardens also have lovely areas for your couple photos.

Beach wedding venues

Aqui te quiero ver

Beach wedding at Aqui te Quiero Ver

Aqui te quiero ver is a beach side restaurant or chiringuito as it’s known in Spanish. Your ceremony can take place right on the beach in front of the chiringuito with the sea in front of you it is a beautiful and spacious restaurant and serves very good food. 

Sunset photos on the beach are obviously a must and the large beach means there is plenty of space to move around in and take fun photos with your bridesmaids and groomsmen!

One thing to bear in mind is that in Malaga all beaches are south facing so you won’t get photos with the sun setting directly over the water. If you wanted the sun setting directly behind you need to go to Cadiz or Portugal. If you have your heart set on sunset beach photos with the sun setting on the sea, I suggest doing a post wedding photography session on a beach in Cadiz. Contact me if you’d like more information on post wedding sessions.



Tikitano is a luxury beach side restaurant based in Estepona. A beautiful restaurant which you can hire out completely or just a section. Your ceremony takes place in their garden which looks out at sea with a built pagoda. There is a large public garden right next to the restaurant with an old tower and water features. Although this venue is right next to the sea, it doesn’t have a very accesable beach. But it does have a beautiful walk way along the beach so you won’t get sand in your shoes! The sun sets on the mountains close to the water and if you time it right you can get some stunning sunset photos.

Villa Cisne

Villa Cisne

Villa Cisne is a luxuary villa that has the best of both worlds. Stunning gardens, private surroundings and beach front! Your ceremony can be on the front lawn by the pool and then have photos on the beach later! The front gardens are also stunning and receives the golden sunset light in the afternoon.

With such a large garden you can have all the different moments of your wedding day in different areas.

Cortijo and Haciendas wedding venues

Cortijo Bravo

Cortijo Bravo

Cortijo Bravo is a stunning venue in the mountains of Malaga. The hotel is just beautiful with a true Spanish feel to it with an interior courtyard and balcony.  They have a designated ceremony area with a beautiful pagoda in the middle and beautiful views. The cocktails and dinner area are in the restaurant part of the property and the path to get there is just beautiful filled with trees and rosemary.

Hacienda San Jose

Hacienda San Jose

Hacienda San Jose is a beautiful, rustic, luxury villa set in the foot hills of Mijas. It is a great location for a private wedding, with large gardens on different levels, fruit trees and orchards as well as a very picturesque drive surrounded by cypress trees giving it a very Mediterranean feel. The house has many rooms which means your friends and family can all stay in one place. check out my blog on Hacienda San Jose for more details.

Castle wedding venues

Castillo Santa Catalina

Castillo Santa Catalina is a venue full of history. A castle built in the 1930s around a fortress that was built in the early 1600. It’s right in the centre of Malaga on a hill top that gives you great views of the city and the sea. It has so much character and a very Spanish feel to it. This venue is beautiful at every part of the day and has some great spots for evening photos as well as your pre-sunset photos

Castillo Colomares

This quirky castle, Castillo Colomares, was built as an homage to the discovery of America and Cristobal Colon. The walls are covered in carvings representing parts of the historical events as well as the three boats. It is a beautiful castle and has a great area for your ceremony. It doesn’t have any interiors but so many different places for your photos that it is also a popular place for post wedding sessions.