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I have such happy memories of playing outside in the countryside and going on mini adventures or baking cookies and decorating cupcakes with my mum. They really were magical times and sometimes I wish I could go back to those happy, stress free days and although we do have some photos in our family album of these special moments I really wish there were more. Kids grow up so fast and before you know it it’s their university graduation day! This is why I’m passionate about taking photos and capturing those moments that they will remember forever, moments that resonate with you and make your child’s personality shine! What do they love doing? Is it building sand castles on the beach? Is it going on mini adventures in the countryside? Are they little chefs that love to bake?

Living and working in Malaga on the Costa del Sol there are so many locations to choose from. So get in touch and let’s create photographs your family will cherish and keep forever.

fun filled family portrait sessions to make your child's personality shine

I grew up in Spain going on adventures in the countryside and baking at home with my mum.  these are memories i will always cherish and wish I had photographs to look back on.

I have 12 years experience as a full-time professional photographer and would love nothing more than to capture these beautiful moments for you.

Being fluent in English, Spanish and French is a great advantage for multilingual families!

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Kids love to be involved in an activity.  I prefer a more natural approach instead of posed photographs in a studio.  By allowing your children to be involved in an activity they like, it will make the photographs more natural resulting in real smiles and laughter. 

I use natural light to avoid creating distractions. You and your children will have a fun filled session and you will all have photographs to cherish for years to come.

Posing is such an ugly word in my opinion.  I do not like to pose adults or children, especially children as we all know it results in the big teeth photos but no real smiles.  

I like to guide you, talk you through different movements, always keeping you interacting with your family, partner or children. I like to let kids play games or go on treasure hunts or do an activity to get natural photographs of them doing what they love best!

These are the photos you will cherish, the ones where your personality or that of your child shines through. not the posed rigid fake smile photos. 

Let's chat! Your journy starts here. Reach out and say hi, let's talk about you or your children, what they love and where would be your ideal place for your family photographs.

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2. choose your location

Are you dreaming of those beautiful sunset family photographs on the beach? Are you after adventures in the countryside or would you love a fun family baking  session at home? 

Let's find the perfect location for you and your family.

3. let's book you in!

Let's book your session!  Sessions need to be booked in advance, so once we have had a chat a decided on the best location for you, we need to book it in.

Certain times of the year are extremely busy so its best to book your spot as soon as you've decided.

4. have fun!

The most important thing is for you to have fun! I want you to enjoy every moment during your photography session. I want your kids to enjoy the moment too.  

I'm all about real laughs, not fake smiles.

5.receive your photographs!

Your photographs will be sent to you digitally through WeTransfer. You should receive them with in a week of your photo session.

You will receive your photographs in high resolution ready for you to print!

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The Process

Sessions start at 50€

Collections start at 250€

Collections start at 250€

Let's go on adventures together or build sand castles on Spain's beautiful beaches.  Do your little ones love to bake? Let's bake at home! These are precious moments your children will cherish for years to come. 


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Mini sessions are done through out the year in various locations and with different themes.  Fun filled 15 minute mini sessions.

"I am in love with these photos. Thank you SO MUCH 
Isabel!! They reduced me (and my mother) to tears... just gorgeous xxx"
- Kitty Bouman


"Why don't the photos mum and dad take of me look like this!?"
-Luana aged 8


"Thank you so much we absolutely love the photos!! and the girls had so much fun! Thank you!" 
- Marina


"I couldn't be more in love with the photos Isabel has done for us. The photographs reflect exactly how we feel about our little one.
Thank you so much Issy for this beautiful memory"
-Natalie & Dani


"LOVE LOVE LOVE our photos! We'll definitely do more! "



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I can't wait to connect with you and hear all about your big day!
I really look forward to hearing fro you and making your dreams a reality.